Friday, July 18, 2008

Just A Movie? Fans Paying $100 For 'Dark Knight'

With all the grousing on TV and the newspaper about the state of the economy and how to budget, find good deals and change your lifestyle, you would think we are on the verge of slipping into third world status overnight. However, the anecdotal evidence was just not tracking--the roads are just as packed as they ever were and my neighborhood restaurants have not become ghostly. The I-17 north, which I have been frequenting as of late, still looks like a parking lot., 24-7.

And now this headline! Apparently the gas and food price escalation has not really dented the disposal income of a whole lot of people coast to coast. Hopefully they will all carpool to the theater. That would make Al Gore proud.

Now here is a guy who is hellbent on sending the economy into a spin; he is out there setting amorphous deadlines for retooling the entire energy strategy. What gives Al? Did you find yourself rambling about in your 10,000 square foot house with nothing to do so that you had to come out with a new proclamation to get some attention? Maybe you should go to the movie, I hear it is about a Joker.

Now this headline: Myth of Consensus Explodes: APS Opens Global Warming Debate which basically says that there are many among the 50,000 physicists in this organization who doubt the anthropogenic genesis of global warming. Here is a link to that article:

Does anybody REALLY understand what is going on, much less how to "fix" it? I don't think so; but that doesn't stop EVERYONE from pontificating. Meantime, let's all just get back to work or school and go on vacation and be kind to one another and not be unnecessarily wasteful. If everyone did this life would be good. I think Heath Ledger would agree.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Just Knew There Was Something Fishy Going On

All of a sudden it was practically raining tilapia. This fish was rarely heard of and even more rarely eaten just a few short years ago. It was the fish of choice for keeping the canals clean that out here in the west are our lifeblood for water. I knew that fact and so when this fish became ubiquitous in the food world, showing up in practically ever freezer case and on every restaurtant menu I grew suspicious. And to be honest grossed out. I can say with some authority that I have never eaten the stuff and I am generally a fish and seafood lover (no surprise there for those of you who know how much I love most food-except in the interest of disclosure I am not a big lobster fan, mostly because it is just too much work and not enough pay off but also because it,is the ocean's vacuum cleaner)!

Then I discovered that industry had learned how to farm these charming creatures. They became easy to grow, easy to sell and easily slipped into just about every fish eaters carte in America. Now the farming didn't bother me; most of the shrimp around here comes from the briny ponds near Gila Bend and I have no problem with that. It was the idea of the tilapia

It turns out my instincts were correct. Now they are discovering that Tilapia contains really bad fats. Check it out here:

So stick with the known commodities like trout, cod, snapper, orange roughy and halibut, OK? Cheap is not always better.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Free Your Mind

To celebrate Independence Day here are some links that will free you from the group think that is the greatest threat to our freedom:

Take a few minutes to liberate your mind and educate yourself. After all, an informed citizenry is the foundation of democracy.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend! Stay cool and don't shoot your gun in the city limits.